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Are you in a rut? Think you can't cook! Or maybe you are just too busy with life and kids. I can help!!

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Feeling overwhelmed with your new diagnosis? Need help figuring out what to purge first? Let me know, I can help!

Epicure (Gluten Free) Products

Everything Epicure offers is Gluten Free, easy to make, and most items are Raw to Ready in 20 minutes!

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3 Simple Ways to Host an Epicure Cooking Class

Although there are other ways to purchase Epicure products than through a Cooking Class, the primary method to learn about and purchase Epicure products IS through one of three types of Epicure Cooking Classes. First off, you might be wondering what a Cooking Class actually is. Well, in short, it is a party you have in person (normally, but not exclusively) where you invite your friends to have fun, taste some yummy food and learn about what Epicure has to make your and your friend's dinner ...
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Diet vs Health Part 2

In Diet vs Health Part 1,  we discussed the difference between "Diet" and "Health" because society likes to think they can be interchanged equally and we know better! Kudos to you, you made it to Diet vs Health Part 2!!! Diet vs Health Part 2 How am I going to get Healthy First, I need to move my body. I need to exercise. I have tried different programs that I can do on my own like Couch to 5K and BeachBody videos and although I was successful for a bit, I couldn't stick with them. I needed ...
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Diet vs Health Part 1

The Diet vs Health Part 1 debate is real! For many people, they think both words are equally interchangeable, which is sad. It's sad because people don't seem to understand what they should do or worse, know but want a quick fix (like a junky). Unfortunately, we live in a society that focuses on Diets instead of Health. Diet vs Health Part 1 First off, lets set the record straight and define both of these words. That way we will all be on the same page, so to speak. Diet Merriam-Webster ...
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