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Are you in a rut? Think you can't cook! Or maybe you are just too busy with life and kids. I can help!!

New to Celiac Disease

Feeling overwhelmed with your new diagnosis? Need help figuring out what to purge first? Let me know, I can help!

Epicure (Gluten Free) Products

Everything Epicure offers is Gluten Free, easy to make, and most items are Raw to Ready in 20 minutes!

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24 Meals to Make Your Holidays Merry

Wouldn't having 24 meals to make your holidays merry be awesome this month? The month of December can be extremely chaotic which leads to a lot of eating out and stress. No one has time for that. Wouldn't it be easier if someone created a meal plan for you, along with a grocery list of items that you would need? How cool would that be??? Then you need to see all the amazing items that are in Epicure's Merry Month of Meals.   24 Meals to Make Your Holidays Merry You are probably ...
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5 Tasks to do Before your Epicure Kit Arrives

You just joined Epicure and you are now wondering what to do. Don't worry, if you tackle these 5 tasks to do before your Epicure kit arrives, you will be set up for success!!! 5 Tasks to do Before your Epicure Kit Arrives What happens after you join? Take a deep breath, seriously. I know you are nervous, and that is OK. You will be for a while until you find your groove. Your business kit will arrive in about a week after you join (sometimes quicker, sometimes longer). 5 Tasks to do ...
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How to Join Epicure

Do you want to know how to join Epicure? You've already decided you love Epicure's products and their Good Food Mission and have decided it is completely worth it to join (you're totally right by the way, lol). You may be undecided about how you want to run your Epicure business, but that is OK. You don't have to have that all figured out just yet. First, you realized why you should join Epicure. Second, you need to know the "how", then you can figure out the rest. How to Join ...
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